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Perform detail costing from CAD files for mechanical parts

TechniQuote is a unique, proven solution to calculate process times and cost of machined, bent and welded parts, directly from CAD files.

Based on 20 years of expertise in machining, TechniQuote automatically defines appropriate machines, process steps, process times and associated cost to manufacture a part.TechniQuote uses extensive databases of machines, processes and material and interfaces with the main CAD formats on the marmarket.

TechniQuote allows you to quote new parts, challenge suppliers and find more cost-efficient designs.


TechniQuote is fevelopped and maintained by Cetim.

your profil
  • Sales representatives and tender specialists

  • Purchasing team

  • Design engineer

  • Industrialization team


TechniQuote is for you.

the benefits

Techniquote offers


  • Fast, automated costing solution

  • Enormous time savings on your design/costing teams

  • An industrial, continuous improvement and shared approach to costing and optimizing

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