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Cost Estimating Relationship
Estimate costs using a parametric approach

Parametric modeling relies on available data (price, technical specs, environment, …) of existing products or services. This data is processed to calculate cost estimating relationships and allow you to estimate the cost of new products or services based on the most relevant parameters (cost drivers).

Example : cost = 3 x mass + 0.5 x diameter

Valoptia.CER  packs advanced statistical algorithms behind a simple, user-friendly interface to help you define a product or service’s most influential cost drivers.


Valoptia.CER uses these cost drivers to calculate the most effective Cost Estimating Relationships and estimate the cost of new products or services.

  • You are a costing specialist

  • You are a tender manager or specialist

  • You are a buyer

  • You design new products or parts


Valoptia.CER is for you.

Video 1/2 - Concepts and methodology




  • Saves a lot of precious time in the costing process

  • Is intuitive and user friendly, making it easy and quick for user to get their first results

Main features:

Import data directly from Excel and csv files

Analyze relationships between variables (heatmap)

Calculate automatically and finetune Cost Estimating Relationships

Predict cost

Identify cost plateaux

Keep track of analyses

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