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Budget simulation and impact analysis of economic and operational assumptions

To establish accurate forecasts and make informed decisions, as close as possible to the economic reality of an organization, to anticipate risks, a quantified analysis of the impacts of the different scenarios of evolution of the cost structure is required through 'a dedicated tool.


The Valoptia.SIM solution is a decision-making support tool that adapts flexibly to the analyzed scope by allowing decision-makers to preview the impact on the cost structure of budget guidelines that affect all the company or a given department.

By relying on cost references, Valoptia.SIM offers a precise restitution of the application of economic and operational assumptions, making it possible to immediately analyze the distortion of the cost structure and prevent risks.


Valoptia.SIM embeds an intelligent calculation engine which integrates the main rules for the evolution of costs in business, making it possible to model, for example, the non-linear behavior of costs or the impact of indirect costs to establish budget projections quantified at the closer to reality.

Video 1/2 - Concepts and methodology

  • You are a General Management, a Financial or Business Department

  • You are responsible for the economic management of a CSP or a GIE

  • You are an IT department who wants to analyze and control your costs

  • You are in charge of steering and distributing management costs within the company

The Valoptia.SIM solution is designed for you.

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Axes d'analyse
Référentiels métiers
Cost drill down
Web reports
Simultion de coûts
Cost re allocation

Free choice of simulation scenarios

Simple and pragmatic cost simulation approach

Possible implementation of business benchmarks : transversal functions (DFCG), IS (CIGREF), Marketing (UDA), Customer Relations (AFRC), Industry, Social Protection

Restitution of quantified analyzes, graphic restitution of the impacts linked to the various assumptions and rules applied

Ability (not possible in Excel) to simply model the nonlinear behavior of changing costs

More relevant budget projection based on what has been achieved, in a non-linear fashion

Possibility of simulating the evolution of costs according to assumptions of various kinds (economic, social, technical, trades, etc.)

Intuitive reporting (cost trees and dynamic web reports) interfaced with BI Data Visualization tools on the market

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